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In canine Kleptomaniacs, there are 4 types of cards. 

Action, Collectables, Master's Bedroom and Character cards.

Your primary goal is to collect and hide sets of collectables and end up with the most Pooch Points.

Action cards have the biggest influence on your destiny throughout the game.

There are epic ones, really nasty ones, and just plain cool ones.

In addition to pilfering and hiding various sets of Collectables, you might be lucky enough to get into the Master’s Bedroom, where reside such treasures as...

Among the Collectables cards, you will discover two

‘odd-one-out’ cards. One of them is Epic:

With this card in your hand you’ll be able to unleash epic pilfering powers!

But beware, every other player will be trying to prize it out of your sweaty little paws!

The other ‘odd one out’ card is a complete stinker!

If you’re left holding this card at the end of the game, you’re going down 30 Pooch Points!

So, what's it all about?

If you play your cards right; get lucky with the dice and do some downright doggie deals to help you collect and safely hide your stash before it’s pilfered from you, you might just make it as top dog!



This video showcases the basic gameplay of Canine Kleptomaniacs to give you an idea of what the game is all about!
The imagery used in this video is the protoype. We will update soon with the final version of the game.  



Cute Cats

Sadly they're no longer with us. 

Then, something strange happened, we became - a dog family!

Meet our beloved canine family member, Amber:

Canine Kleptomaniac

Also known variously as:

Ginty, Ginty McFluffkins, The Glinnet, Poochus Moochus, Fluffers McGuffers and simply, Golden One.
As you may be able to tell, she has made quite an impression on us.

We weren't expecting it, but it seems we've become as 'dog mad' as anyone!

But there's a dark and devious side to our sixth family member.
You see, as much as she loves us, and we love her, she is a compulsive, persistent, determined stealer of things.

Socks, pants, cycling shorts, t-shirts, slippers, you name it, she thieves it.

Bored and trapped in our caravan on a recent wet 'summer' holiday an idea was birthed,

inspired by the thieving antics of our fluffy pooch.

"Let's invent a game", we thought. "Something we can play as a family,
Something that will unstick children's faces from the screens of their electronic devices.
Something that will create family harmony (well, maybe not always!) and encourage ‘communication’

Something, above all, that is fun, simple, silly and endlessly re-playable".

And so Canine Kleptomaniacs was born.

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Our Story

We're the Joneses, an ordinary family of five human beings. Before children arrived we were a 'cat family'. Here's Rosie and Jim:

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